The CAT has been busy preparing the computing infrastructure at MCECS for both onsite and remote users for the new academic year. Here are some of the highlights:

The front page of the CAT website includes a “Back to Campus Toolkit” and updated “New (Attend Anywhere) Students” section, where you will find links to the following guides and more:

Computer Labs (onsite)

  • Many computer labs have returned to onsite operation only.  To learn which labs can only be accessed onsite and which can be remotely accessed, as well as how to remotely access these system, see:
    • You can also look at the current computer lab reservation schedule at:
    • EB 325 (the Cad Lab) has ALL NEW COMPUTERS. They are the fastest we have in our computer labs.
    • Computers in the FAB 55-17 Intel Lab have been equipped with dual displays.
    • EB 325 and FAB 55-17 reduced to a single BW printer in each lab. 
    • Lab rules for food and drink in MCECS general labs are returning their pre-pandemic state – store food on designated tables only, sealed drink containers allowed at workstations. Departmental labs may have more restrictive policies. 

Computer Labs (remote access)

A dedicated MCECS Windows Remote Lab has been set up to replace the ad-hoc mixture of remote computers taken from the general computer labs used during the pandemic. They have a software load that is similar to that of systems in the MCECS general computer labs.



Student volunteers in the CAT assisted in the preparations for Fall 2022 and generated much of the documentation you are reading. If you are interested in joining the CAT, visit the Braindump website: