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DOWNTIME: Friday, 8/16/2019 – 6PM, Windows Servers – 2AM, Windows Desktops

There will be REBOOTS of all MCECS supported Windows Servers at 6pm on Friday, 8/16/2019. This work should be completed by 7:30PM. This will include the Windows Homedirs, Stashes, Printing, Networked Applications and Network Licenses. Downtime for the Terminal Server will begin earlier at 5PM and be also completed by 7:30PM. This work is needed [...]

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FAB/EB POWERDOWN – August 20/21 – 8pm-4am

The new date for FAB/EB power systems testing will be Tuesday, August 20th, 2019. The work will begin at 8pm and could last as long as 4am. In case problems crop up during the procedures, they have reserved Wednesday night (August 21st) as well. If they decide to do further tests on Wednesday night, we [...]

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