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Be detailed when reporting a problem

TheCAT supports a wide range of hardware and software. If you encounter a problem, we can help you most quickly when you provide the following information:

Who are you?

  • Full name
  • username
  • the type of account you’re having trouble with
  • e-mail address to contact you at (preferably your address)
  • phone number you can be reached at if applicable

What happened?

  • A short description of the problem.
  • When did the incident occur? Provide date and time of incident.
  • What is the name and location of the affected system? (CAT supported systems usually have a label with the computer name.) Provide machine name, operating system (Linux or Windows), building/room number.
  • What application was in use at the time of the incident? Provide the software and/or hardware involved.
  • Other pertinent information: Any other details you think might be helpful, such as if this particular problem has occurred before
  •  If the task you are trying to accomplish has ever worked before, note when it worked last.

Note: A concise, descriptive subject title will expedite your request for help!

Reporting Spam or Malicious Email:

OIT manages campus Gmail accounts and should be notified of malicious mail. If you think you have received email spam/abuse in your emailbox, please forward a copy of any email evidence with full headers to