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Contact Information

Remote CAT Support



Phone: 503-725-5420

In Person at a CAT Support Pod

Our Current Location is inside of the Engineering Building, down the stairs on the basement level.  The street address is:

Engineering Building, 1930 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

NOTE: theCAT help desk is located in the Fourth Avenue Building directly under the Engineering Building’s first level.

FAB 82-01 : theCAT Help Desk (DogHaus) (link to hours) Hours

FAB 88-03 :  CS Tutors (link to hours) CS Tutor hours

EB 325A: The Maseeh College EB General Lab (Kennel) (rarely staffed)

Please check our (link to main lab) Main Labs

Malicious Email:

If you think you have received email spam/abuse from a Portland State email address (eg, or computer system (eg,, please forward a copy of any email evidence with full headers to OIT manages campus Gmail accounts and should be notified of malicious mail.

Contacting Us: 

Via Email

Email is the preferred communication method and read by all members of theCAT. Please send all support related questions to


NOTE: Please do not include the CAT while contacting OIT, emailing the CAT is unnecessary.

You may also use one of the following methods to get into contact with us:

Via Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

One way to ask questions of our support personnel is through our IRC support channel. To do this, connect to (port 6667) with your choice of IRC client, and  enter the command `/join #support`. Alternately, (link to the IRC chat page) click here to chat in #support through your Web browser. Note that there are usually people monitoring the channel, but it may take 5-10 minutes to get a response — please be patient.

IRC: #support on

By Phone

We have multiple phones at our help desk. You can reach us by calling:

Phone Number: 503-725-5420

If no one is available to answer your call, please leave a message. If you leave a request for assistance, give information as described below.

Live outage and status updates

Follow us on twitter to get live downtime updates and bulletins.


What Information to Give Us

TheCAT supports a wide range of hardware and software. If you encounter a problem, we can help you most quickly when you provide the following information:

Who are you?

  • Full name
  • username
  • the type of account you’re having trouble with
  • e-mail address
  • phone number

What happened?

  • A short description of the problem.
  • When did the incident occur? Provide date and time of incident.
  • What is the name and location of the affected system? Provide machine name, operating system (UNIX or Windows), building/room number.
  • What application was in use at the time of the incident? Provide the software and/or hardware involved.
  • Other pertinent information: Any other details you think might be helpful, such as if this particular problem has occurred before
  •  If the task you are trying to accomplish has ever worked before, note when it worked last.

Note: A concise, descriptive subject title will expedite your request for help!


Bad Examples:

  • Help!

Good Examples:

  • blckaddr cannot login to UNIX
  • printer SB3mensbw1 on fire
  • PCAT bulding: roof collapse damaged pcat4.ece