The Tutors have been hired by the Computer Science Department to help students in CS161 through CS311 with coursework, programming, and the MCECS computing environment.

The Tutors are Computer Science students who have strong communication skills and a demonstrated mastery of the basic undergraduate Computer Science curriculum. The mission of this team is to provide a positive work environment for our peers by sharing our experience as undergraduate Computer Scientists.

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The tutors are located in suite 88 in the basement of the Fourth Avenue Building (the “CS Lounge”).

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Note: Due to COVID-19, the CS tutors will not be hosting drop-in tutoring in person. Please use their email or slack channel to get assistance.

The tutors are open for drop-in tutoring as follows:

  • 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Monday through Friday
  • 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturday

The CS tutors are closed any day that the Portland State campus is closed. You can find a list of planned closures on PSU’s academic calendar.

Contacting Us

You may contact tutors by email with your questions at tutors@cs.pdx.edu.

You may also join our Slack chat system here. Once logged onto Slack, please use the #cshelp channel to contact the tutors. There are chat groups available for general CS help and more specific groups dedicated to individual courses. While using Slack, you are expected to 1) follow PSU’s student code of conduct, and 2) to be civil – a good rule of thumb is to adhere to the same standards online as you would in conversation with another student in class. The CS Tutors reserve the right to revoke Slack access at any time if a user is breaking the code of conduct or being uncivil to others in the chat.

You may also reach the tutors by phone during open hours at 503-725-4056, but email or chat are the most effective ways of contacting us, since tutors occupied with helping students may not be free to answer the phone.

The Tutor Supervisor is Santiago Tobon.


The tutors generally begin hiring a few weeks before the end of each term. If you would like to be a tutor or tutor trainee, please fill out an application form here. If you submit an application early, we may contact you to set up an interview when hiring begins later in the term.