CAT Computer Labs Lost and Found

The CAT has a Lost and Found box at the front desk in FAB 82-01. When CAT staffers find items that appear to be lost, forgotten, or abandoned in CAT-controlled labs, they take them to the Lost and Found box. Items remain in the CAT Lost and Found for up to a week. Every Monday, all unclaimed items are delivered to EB100 Students Services. ID cards are immediately taken to ID services, while wallets, keys, and phones are taken to CPSO. If you have lost one of those items please check in with them.


If You Have Lost Something

If you think something of yours is in a CAT Lost and Found, please bring your photo ID to the CAT front desk in FAB 82-01. If you can describe what you’re missing and we have it, we’ll return it to you and make a record of who claimed the item.

If you’ve been missing something for longer than a week, we may have already moved it to the EB 100 office.