Printing in MCECS

Student Printing (in MCECS Student Computer Labs)

Printing in student computer labs is charged using a system called Papercut. At the start of each term or the first time you print with your Maseeh College account you receive a quarterly $30.00 print quota allotment. This initial quota is subsidized by the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science. If you use up this initial quota, you will need to pay to continue to print. What is left of your $30 does not carry over to the next quarter. Every user is reset to $30 at the beginning of the quarter. Any money you pay in to your “paid balance” will carry over.

You can check your personal Print Quota by logging into with your Maseeh College unix or windows username and password. Then click on the “Print Quota” link in the “Printing” menu.

Printing Charges:

Laser Printers (Black & White): $0.08 per side of a page
Color Printers: $0.50 per side of a page  (no matter what colors are on the page, even just black and white)

Duplexing Black & White printers will automatically print on two sides, and printing two-sided costs $0.16 per page.  When in doubt, check your print settings.

Your Print Quota is centralized for your convenience. The same quota is used for windows, unix, and linux accounts.

The cost of your print job is automatically deducted from your Print Quota balance. Once you use up your $30/quarter “free” balance, you will need to have money put in your “paid” balance in order to continue printing. As you keep on printing, money will be deducted from your paid balance. Obtaining additional print credits (ie: adding to your paid quota) is described below.

NOTE: If you do not have a positive total balance, your job may print incompletely or not at all.

Buying more printing credits:

If you have run out of your termly allotment, printing credits (known as the Additional Print Quota) can be purchased by visiting:

and logging in using your MCECS login/password, choosing the “Printquota” tab and following the instructions.  The credit is applied to your MCECS account immediately and charged to your PSU Billing Account within a week.

Make sure that you keep an eye on your printer quota balance so that you don’t go over quota at an inopportune time.

Checking your Print Quota Balance:

You can directly query Papercut by going to:

Printing in computer labs for students doing research work:

If you are a grad student working on a research project and need to print to centrally maintained lab printers, you will need to get the research grant or department to pay for your print quota increases. Departments can JV the funds to the CAT on your behalf and notify the CAT to credit your account. Contact your department office for details on how this is done and whether the department is willing to do it.

Printing for Faculty who want to use Computer Lab Printers:

Faculty/staff who wish to go beyond their termly quota on the Computer Lab Printers will need to have their department transfer the appropriate funds to the CAT and have their printer quota updated.

Faculty/Staff Printing

Faculty/staff typically have access to departmental printers.  (ie: printers that have been purchased by their respective departments for the use of faculty, staff and occasionally grad students.)

Departmental printers are reserved for faculty/staff and there is no direct billing to faculty who use them.  The costs for the printers (paper, toner and maintenance) are covered by the respective departments. (ie: Print Quotas Do Not Apply)

When faculty use printers in student labs (where printing is billed), they are treated like student users.  (ie: Print Quotas Apply)

Printer Lists

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