Linux Labs now using Kerberos Authentication

On December 27th, 2018, we switched CAT managed Linux workstations in our major computer labs to use an authentication/encryption system called Kerberos when accessing your files. This change is designed to significantly enhance the security of our file servers as they interact with these workstations. While most general users of these systems should not notice [...]

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Select Departmental Office printers now available via Web Print

Primary departmental office printers are now available through Web Print. Web Print is a web-based interface for submitting files for printing. It can be a useful service for people with Tier 3 computers who are having trouble getting printing setup to MCECS printers (or don’t want to bother). You can learn more about how to [...]

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What’s new and other info for MCECS computer users – Fall 2018

Watch out for phishing spam The start of Fall term is phishing season. Avoid falling for attackers who want your login details and other personal data https://www.pdx.edu/oit/phishing-attacks Computer Labs Windows labs are now running Windows 10 version 1709. The Classic Shell start menu has been deprecated. Windows lab software list: https://cat.pdx.edu/services/software/windows-labs/ Most Ubuntu Linux-based Labs [...]

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Tighter scrutiny of externally accessible Tier 3 systems

Externally accessible systems at PSU are those that present services to the open Internet that can be reached without the use of a VPN. There have been some recent lapses in security among externally accessible Tier 3 (self-managed) systems as well as a push by OIT to better secure PSU's network border. This has put [...]

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Problems with some Tier 3 installs of Microsoft Office

In the past year, we have found many instances of MCECS faculty/staff having problems trying to install the PSU licensed version of the Microsoft Office suite on their new Tier 3 (self managed) computers. The problem seems to stem from the vendor's default Windows load (OEM load) on the computer having a trial or starter [...]

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Web-based Remote Desktop App (Spark View) now available

We have a web-based Remote Desktop Client available for users who need to remotely access Windows systems in MCECS. This method does not require the use of a VPN and may benefit people who are having problems getting their VPN connection to work. The web client is not as robust as a native RDP app, [...]

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Microsoft Office for student/faculty/staff personal computers

OIT has negotiated a licensing program to deliver the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc) to all PSU students, faculty, and staff. This is targeted at use on personal devices (laptops and home computers) and is available for both Windows and Mac. Your PSU Odin account is used to download the software through an [...]

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New User Sheet

New User Sheet The New User Sheet is a trifold brochure we give out to incoming members of MCECS. It contains: A map of the PSU campus with EB, FAB and other important locations highlighted A table detailing which students get access to which labs Answers to basic new user questions like how [...]

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Front Desk Hours

Front Desk Hours Our front desk hours are: Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm Saturday 12pm - 5pm The CAT attempts to cover these hours to the best of its ability. If we are unavailable due to our team being occupied elsewhere, please contact us via email or IRC.  

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Welcome to MCECS

Welcome to MCECS!   What follows is an introduction to the IT services provided to you by the CAT in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science. If you have questions about anything in it or need other assistance, you can reach us at support@cat.pdx.edu or 503-725-5420. We would also be happy [...]

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