Linux – New things for Fall Term

Linux Versions Ubuntu Linux systems are running Xenial (1604). This includes: CS penguin (FAB 88-10) and particle (FAB 88-09) labs (aka and Linux Systems in the FAB MCECS General Lab (FAB 55-17) and RHEL 5 still runs on: RHEL 7 runs on Software: Faculty teaching classes [...]

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Connecting to your Stash

Connecting to your Stash This is a guide to connecting to an MCECS stash using Ubuntu Linux. These instructions can be easily adapted to other Linux distributions. Connecting from on campus (lab machines and tier 1 machines) Using the command line Stashes can be accessed through the command line [...]

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Burning ISOs in Ubuntu

Burning ISOs to CD/DVD in Ubuntu Step 1 Once you have an ISO selected to burn, right-click on the icon and then left-click on the option "Write to Disc...". You want to make sure that you have a Recordable or Re-Writeable disc in your DVD drive. Remember that some ISOs are [...]

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Basic Shell Commands

Basic Shell Commands For detailed information on UNIX commands type "man command" where "command" is the command name you are looking for more info on. Command Description apropos Searches the man pages for a keyword you specify. The name of the man page is in the first column.> apropos floppy eject [...]

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Reference Sheets

Reference Sheets UNIX Commands Reference - Still valid for Linux Linux Editors Reference

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Understanding Files & Directories in Linux

Understanding Files & Directories in Linux This is an oldie but goodie. Although it references UNIX, the basic concepts of working in the Shell on Linux is little changed.   In UNIX, almost everything can be thought of as a file, even physical devices and processes. As long as information can be read [...]

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Linux Directories

Linux Directories The UNIX directory is laid out as a giant hierarchy of files, like a tree. In UNIX, everything is a sort of file to be manipulated, even what many users would consider "folders". In UNIX, a folder is a "directory". The UNIX tree starts at "root", or "/", then spreads out [...]

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Linux How To’s and FAQs

A series of tutorial-style pages or notes of importance for some Linux software offerings found on our supported systems.

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Printing Over SSH Using LPR

Printing over SSH using LPR 1. Open a terminal (by default, ctrl+alt+t) and ssh into your preferred CECS *nix machine (e.g. ): 2. Once you see a prompt, it's as simple as invoking lpr: lpr -P $PRINTER $DOCUMENT 3. To get a list of all available printers, use: lpstat -a NOTE: You [...]

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Linux Laptop Printing using SAMBA

Linux Laptop Printing using SAMBA Here you will find directions for setting up a lab printer to a personal linux computer These directions were followed using Ubuntu, but you can set this up with any linux or unix machine There are some rules: You have to be on the VPN for both setting [...]

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