CS Users!

Please run resource heavy programs on babbage.cs.pdx.edu  – not ada (linux.cs.pdx.edu). Some clarification of the lore about ada and babbage, the two primary multi-user Linux systems available to CS students. 

  • ada.cs.pdx.edu (aka linux.cs.pdx.edu)
    • Used as a general workhorse. 
    • Designed to handle users going through the edit – compile – execute cycles of general purpose classwork.
    • Users like to park their shells here because the system is usually quite stable.
    • Often has lots of users.
  • babbage.cs.pdx.edu 
    • A place for assignments that may be hungry for cpu, ram, or disk (eg: learning fork(), allocating large amounts of memory, resource heavy recursion).
    • Inadvertently making a mistake with potentially catastrophic side effects will only affect other babbage users who are working on similar assignments.
    • Keeps regular ada users happy.

If you are working on an assignment that may tax cpu/ram/disk, please move your work to babbage.cs.pdx.edu. We have already started running into some service issues on ada due to resource heavy processes. We’d like to see those users moving to babbage.