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Kerberos Authentication coming to Linux Labs – Dec 27th

On December 27th, 2018, we will be switching CAT managed Linux workstations in major computer labs to use an authentication/encryption system called Kerberos when accessing your files. This change is designed to significantly enhance the security of our file servers as they interact with these workstations. While most general users of these systems should not [...]

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DOWNTIME CHANGE – 12/18/2018 – 6:30pm – Windows Servers

Due to a schedule collision, we are moving the Windows Server downtime we had planned for tonight (12/14/2018) to Tuesday night (12/18/2018). There will be Reboots of all MCECS supported Windows Servers on Tuesday, 12/18/2018 at 6PM. This work should be completed by 8PM. This will include the Windows Homedirs, Stashes, Printing, Networked Applications and [...]

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DOWNTIME – 12/17/2018 – 7pm – Networking in FAB/EB

Starting 7pm on Monday, December 17th, we will be patching and rebooting various groups of network gear in FAB/EB. Although the actual work may only take an hour, we are reserving  a three-hour block of time in case we run into issues post-upgrade. During this work, network connectivity in MCECS areas in FAB/EB (including wireless) [...]

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