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//September running Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic)

After September 19, 2019,, the user pages web server, will be running Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (Bionic). This affects web pages accessed through the URL scheme of: The PHP version that comes with this release is the 7.2.x series.  

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DOWNTIME – 9/19/2019 – Database and Web Services

On Thursday, September 19th, there will be downtimes/upgrades of the following Linux services: Down for at 6pm for about an hour. During this time, it will be migrated to a new virtual server. This will include updating the version of postgres running on it to Version 11. The operating system running on this [...]

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Pre-Fall 2019 Computer Lab Reload Schedule

The CAT will be reloading many of the large computer labs in MCECS next week. Our reload reservation schedule follows. During the lab reloads, the computers will be down or in a state of flux. Please do not power cycle or reboot any computers until we have removed our signage. The number of reserved days [...]

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Windows File Server Migration is complete

User home directories (N: drive) and department shares (Z: drive) have been transferred over to the new file server (thoth). When you log into you a CAT supported Windows desktop, your N: drive and User profile will point to this new server. Since we still have the old server (khensu) up in “read only” mode, [...]

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