Windows – New things for Fall Term

Windows in Computer Labs (and MCECS podiums) Windows 10 version 1607 (also known as the Anniversary Update) has been installed in most of the main MCECS and departmental computer labs. The Windows computers in these labs (and on many podiums in MCECS) have been reloaded before the start of the term. Software: Faculty, please make [...]

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Windows and Projectors

Your Windows Computer and Projectors Computers Running Windows 7 Step 1 - Connect your laptop to the VGA (or confirm the computer is connected to VGA) Step 2 - Right click on your desktop and select "Personalize" Step 3 - Select "Adjust resolution" located in the upper left-hand corner of the [...]

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Tier 2 Systems Disclaimer

Disclaimer for people requesting Tier 2 deployments Note that only Windows deployments qualify for Tier 2 By going Tier 2, you have been given the administrative access to modify your system.  You can install software and change system configurations. Perform your changes with care as modifications may affect the security and stability of [...]

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CD/DVD Burning in Windows

CD/DVD Burning in Windows The following tutorials are split up into burning iso images, and burning files to disc. Other popular burning software includes Imgburn and Poweriso. However, with the decreasing number of CD and DVD drives, another option is to unzip the .iso file to a USB drive instead. More information about [...]

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Zip Files in Windows

Zip Files In Windows A .zip file is a single compressed file that can hold many other files and folders inside. It is called a "compressed folder" in Windows. How do I create a new .zip file? Open your N:\ drive, or the folder where you want to create the zip file. Click [...]

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Scanning on Windows

Scanning Where to find a scanner Computers with scanners are identified with a scanner sticker. Scanners are available: FAB general lab: fab43 EB general lab: cad41 Linux Lab A (Penguin lab): adelle Each scanner works a little differently. For detailed, scanner specific instructions, click on the name of the box that [...]

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Installing Python Packages under Windows

Installing Python Packages under Windows To install Python packages ("eggs") from the Python language's package manager pip, follow our instructions below. This can be done without Administrator access in a per-user, per-project clean manner with virtualenv. virtualenv is the industry-standard way of developing and running Python. Virtualenv is available in our environment for [...]

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Disabling Classic Shell on Windows 10

Reports have come in about Windows 10 freezing, and becoming unresponsive. Unfortunately this seems to be tied to the Classic Shell Start Menu replacement.   To disable Classic Shell starting on login Right click on the Start Menu Icon. Click on Settings. Check Show all settings on the classic shell settings window. Click on [...]

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