The software in this section is for download and install on Tier 3 or personal devices. Each piece of software may have different restrictions on use – students only, faculty only, not to be installed on PSU owned computers, can be installed anywhere, etc. Read the details on each page.

Anti-Virus SoftwareAdvice on Anti-Virus Software
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office offerings for students and Tier 3 MCECS users.
Microsoft Software for StudentsAvailable to all active MCECS students and faculty as part of the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription.
MatlabFor students - purchase at reduced price through Mathworks.

For faculty - available for Tier 1/2/3 PSU-owned systems with network license.
Mathcad for StudentsStudents version for reduced price - from OIT.
Solidworks for StudentsFor students - get School License ID from Intranet.
Labview InstallationOnly for faculty/staff - from Intranet.
AbaqusFor students and faculty - from Intranet.
DplotFor students and faculty - from Intranet.
ModelithicsFor students and faculty - from Intranet.