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Software in Linux Labs


Based on departmental requests, the CAT installs a large number of software packages on supported Linux systems. The software list below also indicates which environments the software is installed in. You will need to have some knowledge of how to operate in a Linux environment – particularly in using the shell – in order to use these tools.

NOTE: The CAT is primarily involved in the installation of the software. Coaching on how to use the software and debugging your projects are beyond the scope of what the CAT can provide. Please refer to your instructor or TA and documentation they provide for guidance.

Most of the the software included in this list is installed based on faculty directives and applies to current courses being taught or research interests. This means that the versions of the software installed and whether they will continue to exist is driven by these factors. Please make sure that you are in contact with the faculty members or departments before relying on the long term use of any specific piece of software on this list.

Available Software

  • For Fall 2017: CECS Labs and CS Labs will be running Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS)
  • RHEL5 (RedHat Enterprise Linux 5) run on eve/walle (ECE) and archive (ARC)
  • RHEL7 (RedHat Enterprise Linux 7) runs on mo (ECE)
  • All systems are available from off-site (some, particularly Redhat systems and the CS Particle Lab, require VPN)
Software NameVersionTypeLocations available
CECS Labs - FAB 55-17 Linux, ruby, rita
CS Labs - FAB 88-10, 88-09, ada, babbage
RHEL5 - eve,walle,archive
CentOS7 - mo
Agilent Advanced design system2013_06AddpkgRHEL 5Pejcinovic
Agilent Advanced design system2014_01AddpkgRHEL 5Pejcinovic
Agilent EMPro2013_07AddpkgRHEL 5Pejcinovic
Agilent IC-CAP2013_01AddpkgRHEL 5Pejcinovic
Agilent IC-CAP2014_04AddpkgRHEL 5Pejcinovic
Android Studio2.1.2AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsTeuscher
Biogeme2.3AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsClifton
Cadence Allegro PCB Designer (OrCad)16.6AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Wong
Cadence Complete2015 versionsCustomRHEL5. RHEL7Wong, Schubert
Cadence VLSI with NCSU/FreePDK2013CustomRHEL5Hammerstrom
Chapel1.11.0AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsJingke Li
Chapel1.12.0AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsJingke Li
CMake3.5.1SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Coq w/ IDE8.6.1AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsTolmach
Dinero - Trace-Driven Uniprocessor Cache SimulatorIVAddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsFaust
DrScheme -- plt-scheme4.2.3AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsTolmach
Eclipse for Javastandard-kepler-SR2AddpkgEverwhere
Eclipse IDE for C/C++ DevelopersLunaAddpkgEverwhere
GCC4.7.4AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsMitchell
GCC4.8.2AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7
GCC4.8.4AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7
GCC5.4.0SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Generic proof assistantAddpkgEverwhereJones
Git2.7.4SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Glasgow Haskell Compiler7.10.3SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
GNU Clisp2.49SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Golang (Google Go)1.6.1SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
groff1.22.2AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Daasch
HDF51.8.16SystemCECS Labs, CS LabsKaravanic
IBM APL22.0 SL 14AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsYork
Intellij Java IDE - Community by jetbrains2017.2AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsFant
Java SE Development Kit 71.7AddpkgEverwhere
Java SE Development Kit 81.8AddpkgEverwhere
LibreOffice5.1.6SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
LLVM / CLANG3.8SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Maplesoft Maple16AddpkgEverwhere
MATLAB2013bAddpkgCECS Labs, CS Labs
MATLAB2015aAddpkgRHEL7, CECS labs, CS Labs
Maven3.5.0AddpkgCECS Labs, CS Labs
Mentor Calibre2013.2_35.25AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Wong
Mentor Flotherm2012 9.3AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsWong
Mentor Questa2014 10.3AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Wong
Mentor Questa2014 10.4cAddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Wong
Mentor Questa ADMS15.4.1AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Wong
Mentor Veloce3.0.0.7CustomvelocesoloSchubert
minigrace - A compiler for the Grace languageAddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsBlack
Ngspice version26 (testing)AddpkgEverwhereTeuscher
NVIDIA CUDA development toolkit7.5.18SystemCECS Labs, CS LabsKaravanic / Teuscher
Octave3.8.0AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsTeuscher
OpenJDK Development Kit9SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
OProfile0.9.8AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsKaravanic
Oracle VM VirtualBox5.0.40SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
ParadisEO1.2.1AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsTeuscher
ParadisEO1.3 (beta 2)AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsTeuscher
Python 22.7.12SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Python 33.5.2SystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Python 3.5 (Anaconda release)4.0.0AddpkgRHEL5Daasch
QEMU emulator2.5.0SystemCECS Labs, CS LabsMorrissey
Radare20.9.6SystemCECS Labs, CS LabsWu-Chang Feng
Robot Operating System (ROS)1.5 (Kinetic Kame)SystemCECS LabsPerkowski
RR - Debugger4.1.0SystemCECS Labs, CS LabsWu-Chang Feng
Rust1.7.0AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsMassey
Rust, latest added versionAddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsMassey
SBCL - Steel Bank Common Lisp1.3.1.debianSystemCECS Labs, CS Labs
Scala2.12.3AddpkgCECS Labs, CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
SynaptiCAD software including Verilogger16.04dAddpkgEverwhereFaust
Synopsys DFT Compiler (with Tetramax Overlay)2016.03-SP3AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Xiaoyu Song
SYNOPSYS HSPICE C2012.06AddpkgEverwherePejcinovic
SYNOPSYS PrimetimeG-2012.06AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Pejcinovic
Synopsys Tetramax (Stand Alone)2016.03-SP3AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Xiaoyu Song
Synopsys VCS software mxG2012AddpkgRHEL5, RHEL7Pejcinovic