Software in Linux Labs


Based on departmental requests, the CAT installs a large number of software packages on supported Linux systems. The software list below also indicates which environments the software is installed in. You will need to have some knowledge of how to operate in a Linux environment – particularly in using the shell – in order to use these tools.

NOTE: The CAT is primarily involved in the installation of the software. Coaching on how to use the software and debugging your projects are beyond the scope of what the CAT can provide. Please refer to your instructor or TA and documentation they provide for guidance.

Most of the the software included in this list is installed based on faculty directives and applies to current courses being taught or research interests. This means that the versions of the software installed and whether they will continue to exist is driven by these factors. Please make sure that you are in contact with the faculty members or departments before relying on the long term use of any specific piece of software on this list.

  • CECS Labs and CS Labs are running Ubuntu Jammy (22.04 LTS)
  • ECE user servers mo and auto run CentOS7 (RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 equivalent)
  • Some systems are directly accessible from off-site (Others, particularly CentOS systems and the Linux Lab systems, require the use of a VPN)

Software Available via ADDPKG

To learn how to use addpkg, see:

Software NameVersionTypeAvailability:
CECS Labs - FAB 55-17 Linux, ruby, rita
CS Labs - FAB 88-10, FAB 88-09, ada, babbage
CentOS7 - mo, auto, archive
Allegro PCB Designer (OrCad)16.6AddpkgEverywherePhillip WOng
AnacondaPython 3.7AddpkgCentOS7Ted WIlke
ANSYS Electromagnetics 20.1unknownAddpkgCentOS7Branimir Pejcinovic
Apache Zeppelin0.7.2AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
Cadence 171Genus- Tempus- InnovusAddpkgCentOS7Brian Cruikshank
Cadence 181Virtuoso- SpectreAddpkgCentOS7Brian Cruikshank
Cadence 191Genus 191- Innovus 191- Modus 201- SSV 191AddpkgCentOS7Brian Cruikshank
Chapel1.23.0AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsJingke Li
Chapel1.25.1AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsJingke Li
Chapel1.27.0AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsJingke Li
Coq8.8.1AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
D-Flow Flexible Mesh1.2.100.66357AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
D-Flow Flexible Mesh1.1.171AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
D-Flow Flexible Mesh2021.03AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
Delft3D6906AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
Dinero Trace-Driven Uniprocessor Cache SimulatorIVAddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsMark Faust
Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers2019-12AddpkgEverywhere
Generic proof assistant2013AddpkgEverywhere
Glasgow Haskell Compiler- latest added version8.4.3AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
GNU CobolunknownAddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsWarren Harrison
golang1.17.3AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
Hercules 3.13unknownAddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsWarren Harrison
HPCToolkit2019.08.14AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsKaren Karavanic
Intellij Java IDE by jetbrainscommunity edition 2022.1.3AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsKarla Fant
Iron Spring PL/I CompilerunknownAddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsWarren Harrison
Java SE Development Kit 81.8.0AddpkgEverywhereDavid Whitlock
Kics0.5.0AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
Kotlin1.4.20AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
Maven3.6.1AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsDavid Whitlock
Mentor Calibre2022.1_27.11AddpkgCentOS7David Burnett
Mentor Flothermv93AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsPhillip Wong
Mentor Precision 2019.2.1unknownAddpkgCentOS7
Mentor Pyxisv18.1AddpkgCentOS7
Mentor Questa2019.2_1AddpkgCentOS7Mark Faust
Mentor Questa ADMS15.4.1AddpkgCentOS7Phillip Wong
Mentor Tessent2017_4AddpkgCentOS7
minigrace - A compiler for the Grace languageunknownAddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Black
Ngspice version 26unknownAddpkgEverywhereChristof Teuscher
Ngspice version 36unknownAddpkgEverywhereChristof Teuscher
Nvidia HPC2021.212AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
OpenJDK 16.0.1 + Maven 3.8.1unknownAddpkgEverywhereDavid Whitlock
OpenJDK Java 12 Development Kit12.0.1AddpkgEverywhereDavid Whitlock
Pakcs2.2.1AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsSergio Antoy
Portland Group Compiler 201919.1AddpkgEverywhereKaren Karavanic
Questa CDC Formal10.7bAddpkgCentOS7Tom Schubert
Racket6.11AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
RISC-V GNU Toolchain9.2.0AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsMark Faust
Scala (java8 package recommended)2.12.3AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
Scala (java8 package recommended)3.1.3AddpkgCECS Labs - CS LabsJingke Li
Software for ECE 510 FPVSchubertAddpkgCentOS7Tom Schubert
Software for ECE 510 FPV TESTINGSchubertAddpkgCentOS7Tom Schubert
swift5.5.1AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs
SynaptiCAD software including Verilogger16.04dAddpkgEverywhereMark Faust
SYNOPSYS Core Tools2017AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS Design CompilerQ-2019.12-SP3AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS DFT Compiler- with Tetramax Overlay2016AddpkgCentOS7Xiaoyu Song
SYNOPSYS Formality2017AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS Formality ESP2017AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS IC Compiler2017AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS IC Compiler 2Q-2019.12-SP4AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS IC Validator2017AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS IC Validator2019.12-SP2-4AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS Library CompilerT-2022.03-SP4AddpkgCentOS7Brian Cruikshank
SYNOPSYS PrimetimeO-2018.06AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS SentaurusR_2020.09-SP1AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS Tetramax2016AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS Tools 2019-06unknownAddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS VC_static ToolsR-2020.12-SP2-7AddpkgCentOS7Xiaoyu Song
SYNOPSYS VCSR-2020.12AddpkgCentOS7
SYNOPSYS VerdiS-2021.09-SP1AddpkgCentOS7
Visual TORCS server2017-02AddpkgCECS Labs - CS Labs

System Software – installed in Ubuntu Linux Labs

Software NameVersionTypeAvailability:
CECS Labs - FAB 55-17 Linux, ruby, rita
CS Labs - FAB 88-10, FAB 88-09, ada, babbage
automake1.16.5SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
awesome4.3SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
bison3.8.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
byobu5.133SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
bzr3.2.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
cabal3.0.0.0SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
CMake3.16.3SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Coq8.15SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
cuda11.7SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
dolphin21.12.3SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
emacs2627.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
ffmpeg4.4.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
fish3.3.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
gcc11.2.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
gdb12.0.90SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
ghc (Haskell)8.8.4SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsAndrew Tolmach
gimp2.10.30SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Git2.34.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
gnat10.3.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
gnome-shell42.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
GNU Clisp2.49.93+SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Golang (Google Go)1.18.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
gperf3.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
gpg2.2.27SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
HDF51.10.7SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsKaren Karavanic
hugs (98)98.200609.21-6SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
KiCad EDA6.0SystemCECS LabsAndrew Greenburg
i34.20.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
inkscape1.1.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
jq1.6SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
LLVM / CLANG14.0.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
mercurial6.1.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
mosh1.3.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
nasm2.15.05SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
nodejsv16.17.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
NVIDIA CUDA development toolkit11.7.0-1SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsKaravanic/Teuscher
ocaml4.13.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
openbox3.6.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
opencv4.5.4SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
openjdk-11-jdk11.0.16SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Oracle VM Virtualbox6.1.34SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
orca42SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
perl5.34.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
PHP8.1.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
pigz2.6SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
plasma-desktop5.24.4SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Python2.7 (deprecated)2.7.18SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Python33.10.4SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
QEMU emulator6.2.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
R4.2.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
radare24.2.1SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsWu-Chang Feng
RCS5.10.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
remmina1.4.25SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Robot Operating System (ROS)2SystemCECS LabsPerkowski
RR - Debugger5.5.0SystemCECS Labs - CS LabsWu-Chang Feng
Rstudio2022.07.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
ruby3.0.2p107SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
SBCL - Steel Bank Common Lisp2.1.11SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
subversion1.14.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
suckless-tools46-1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
tex3.141592653SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
tigervnc-server1.12.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
tmux3.2aSystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
urxvtv9.22SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
valgrind3.18.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
vim-gtk38.2.3995SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
virtualenv20.13.0SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
Visual Studio Code1.70.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
vlc3.0.16SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
weechat3.5SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
wget1.21.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
wireshark3.6.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
xfce44.16SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
xmobar0.36SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
youtube-dl2020.03.24SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
zenity3.52.1SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs
znc1.8.2SystemCECS Labs - CS Labs