Any PSU student registered for Fall term will be able to badge in to attend classes held in the general pool classrooms in the buildings. However, in order to use MCECS computer labs in FAB/EB, MCECS students will need to specifically request card access to those labs. If you don’t have a PSU ID badge, visit PSU ID services to get one before requesting your card access. Information about ID services can be found at this link:

Activating MCECS Card Access

Any student registered for an MCECS class is eligible for MCECS card access. Find out how to get that access here:

For non-students, a department may provide the PSU ID number of the eligible individual.

The card will be activated by CPSO 2-5 days after either of these actions have been taken.

MCECS Card Access Deactivation

MCECS Card Access is deactivated by one of three ways:

  • If you haven’t attended MCECS classes for 12 months. At this point, your card access is expired and you must submit a request to the CAT to turn it back on.
  • If a department notifies the CAT that a member of their department no longer requires card access. Card access expired in this manner can be reversed by another request from the department.
  • If a user violates PSU or MCECS policy, card access is deactivated and the user is notified. Card access can be regained by completing any of the conditions under “Activating MCECS Card Access” If the breach also resulted in a permanent loss of MCECS account, card access can no longer be restored.