Computer Lab Locations and Access

Account Type Where You Can Log In
ECE Windows
  • FAB 60-01 ECE Tektronix Lab (34 computers with TLAs) map
 CS Linux
  • FAB 88-10 CS Linux Lab A (Penguin Lab, 26 computers) map
  • FAB 88-10 CS Linux Lab B (Particle Lab, 21 computers) map
Windows (All departments)  
  • EB 325 EB MCECS General Lab (41 computers) map
  • FAB 55-17 FAB MCECS General Lab (35 computers) map
  • FAB 55-17 FAB MCECS General Lab (10 computers) map


Building Locations

On this map EB is the Engineering Building, and FAB is the Fourth Avenue Building.

Map Showing PSU Campus


Internal Lab Locations

A clickable dynamic map is available here: Facilities And PSU’s main map is here: Campus Map

The Floor plan of the FAB building


Lab Rules And Guidelines

Lab rules and guidelines can be found in the Guidelines section under Lab Rules.


Restricted-access labs

In addition to the labs listed above, there are also research labs, class-related labs, and special-project labs. Access to restricted labs is handled by the affiliated departments.


Other Campus Labs of Interest (not run by theCAT)

PSU’s Office of Information Technology manages other computer labs outside of MCECS. Information about these labs can be found here.

OIT also offers their Virtual Lab system, which allows any PSU user the ability to access a computer lab machine from off-site. You can read more about VLAB here.