The CAT sets up and manages the wired networking to all MCECS spaces in FAB, EB, SRTC and Ondine Annex. We also provide remote access to wired MCECS networks at Willow Creek. Wi-Fi infrastructure in MCECS spaces is set up by the CAT and tunneled to OIT to provide a seamless experience for PSU users migrating their wireless devices between campus buildings.

Adding a New Computer to the NetworkProcess for getting a new computer connected to the wired network in MCECS.
Firewall LevelsNetwork filtering controls when you add a new device on to the wired network.
Internet-bound throttlingWhat levels of traffic limiting we use for outbound data.
Wake-On-LANWaking up a hibernating computer - usually to then Remote Desktop in to it.
Wi-Fi GuideGeneral to Wi-Fi on campus with links to platform specific pages.
Using VPN Services in MCECSOverview of VPN services available to MCECS users.
NTP AccessTime server information.