New to Fall 2022 is our MCECS Windows Remote Lab (currently numbering 27 systems and soon to grow to 37 systems). These systems are dedicated to remote use and do not reduce the seat count of our onsite computer labs. We are hoping that this remotely accessible service provides sufficient capacity for remote Windows lab use for the term.

These systems are accessible using the same remote lab interface we set up during the pandemic. For instructions, see:

Many of the labs we ran in mixed-mode are switching back to ONSITE OPERATION ONLY. This includes:

EB 325 “CAD” lab – open to all MCECS students – with ALL NEW computers

FAB 55-17 “Intel” Lab – open to all MCECS students – with dual monitor configurations

Many departmental Windows labs are following this lead with the exception of the MME MCAE Lab (EB 420) which will have a mixture of onsite and remote computers.

If we notice that the remote lab is frequently reaching saturation, we’ll look at returning some lab computers to remote mode.