For Students/Faculty/Staff and personal computers

Current PSU students, and most full-time faculty and staff, are eligible to get a free copy of Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,etc) to use on their personal devices (Windows or Mac). The software is provided as part of a Microsoft Office 365 license managed by OIT. Getting the software is based on having an active Odin account. The use of the software ends when your Odin account is deactivated. OIT Affiliate Account holders are not eligible to a license. Please note there is no license for Office 2019 available from either OIT or MCECS.

This license is only for a downloadable copy of the software. Access to Office 365 Cloud apps is not enabled.

Learn more about how to get the software at OIT’s website.

On Equipment belonging to PSU

PSU has a site license for Microsoft Office for installation on IT-managed PSU-owned hardware.  If you are on a CAT supported Tier 1 or Tier 2 Windows computer, you will have Office already installed.

If you are self-managing a Tier 3 system in MCECS, the Office 365 personal user version (provided by OIT and described above) may be used if you need Microsoft Office.