TeX is a typesetting system created by Donald Knuth which finds a surprisingly high use ratio in the mathematics, science and engineering communities. We have TeX available on our UNIX, Linux and even our Windows environment.

TeX has an active user group, TUG, which is headquartered in Portland. Visit their website at: http://www.tug.org.

For help getting started with TeX/LaTeX and related topics, visit the TUG beginners link: http://www.tug.org/begin.html

To find styles, fonts, or TeX for your own computer visit https://ctan.org

Linux: Just run the program, they are in your path.

Windows: First run Start Menu -> Programs -> MikTeX 2.x -> Add Package MikTeX, now you can run commands in a command shell (Start Menu -> Accessories -> Command Prompt).

Common programs in the TeX suite are:

 bibtex  processes bibliographies
 dvips  turns a dvi file into a postscript file
 latex  processes a LaTeX file and outputs a dvi file
 xdvi for displaying your dvi file on a Linux machine