RightFax Configuration

This tutorial demonstrates how to properly configure RightFax on Windows 7.


Step 1:

Start the RightFax system tray icon

Start menu showing RightFax system tray icon


Step 2:

Find the RightFax system tray icon in the system tray and select Configuration

RightFax system tray icon popup menu


Step 3:

Modify the Default Fax Server Name, Login Method, Startup and User ID as follows

Configure Client window


FAX Server Name: fax.pdx.edu
Login Method: User Specified Login ID
User ID: your CECS user name

Configure Client Window showing changed configuration settings


Further Notes:

  • You can now use Print from your application and choose RightFax Fax Printer

Print dialogue showing RightFax Fax Printer as an option

  • A Login box may appear prompting for your Password

RightFax login prompt

    • You will then be prompted for the recipient’s name and Fax Number

Prompt asking for recipient information

  • You can monitor FAXs using the RightFax Fax Util

RightFax FaxUtil window


Additional RightFax User Guides can be found here: