ArcMap Common Problems and Solutions

Solutions to some common problems that users run into when using ArcMap on MCECS supported machines are described below.

Error: Unable to execute the selected tool. You do not have the necessary license to execute the selected tool.

Tool not licenced error window


If you see this error, do the following:
In ArcMap, open the “Customize” menu, and then select “Extensions”. Select “Spatial Analyst” and then close the window.

Extensions customization window


Error: An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Script error message window


If you see this error, do the following:
Open up Internet Explorer, then click on the cog in the top right of the window to open up the options menu. From there, select “Internet options”.

Internet explorer internet options window


Select the Security tab. Click on the green check mark icon that says “Trusted Sites”. Then click on the “Sites” button. A popup will open.

Internet options security tab window


Uncheck the ‘Require server verification…’ checkbox if it is checked, then add the following website: file://thoth