Select Departmental Office printers now available via Web Print

Primary departmental office printers are now available through Web Print. Web Print is a web-based interface for submitting files for printing. It can be a useful service for people with Tier 3 computers who are having trouble getting printing setup to MCECS printers (or don’t want to bother). You can learn more about how to [...]

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Poster Printing

Posting Printing by OIT OIT offers wide-format printing to any PSU faculty/staff member or student. They provide a diverse range of media, reliable poster printer, and a well managed workflow. Details on OIT's wide-format printing services and pricing can be found on their website: Coop-style Poster Printing Services by the CAT [...]

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Banner Printers

Banner Printers Introduction Some setup is required in order to be able to print to an existing printer from Banner. This article describes the process for requesting that a new/existing printer be enabled for Banner printing. It also contains a list of the current Banner printers. Enabling a printer for [...]

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Monitoring your Printing

MCECS users can use PaperCut ( to view a summary of your balance, number of jobs printed, and total pages printed, a chart tracking your monetary printing history,  and a little chart of the environmental impact of your printing. Recent Print Jobs Enables you to view your print history. This is [...]

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List of MCECS Printers

List of MCECS Printers Print Quota Personal Print Quota information can be found on You can print on lab printers if your Balance is positive. (Detailed information on printing policy may be seen at here.) Printer names consist of building name, room number and suite. clr in the name means [...]

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Using MCECS Printers

From the options below, please find the scenario that best applies to you. For further assistance, please contact us.

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Using Web Print

MCECS users can use PaperCut ( to print from the web. With Web Print you can upload a document to Papercut,  select the printer, and print. Regular charges to lab printers apply to web printing as well. After logging into the site: Go to the "Web Print" link on the left sidebar Click "Submit [...]

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Printing in MCECS Student Printing (in MCECS Student Computer Labs) Printing in student computer labs is charged using a system called Papercut. At the start of each term or the first time you print with your Maseeh College account you receive a quarterly $30.00 print quota allotment. This initial quota is [...]

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