Primary departmental office printers are now available through Web Print. Web Print is a web-based interface for submitting files for printing. It can be a useful service for people with Tier 3 computers who are having trouble getting printing setup to MCECS printers (or don’t want to bother).

You can learn more about how to use it here:

You will need to know the name of your departmental office printer. We use names that include the building and room number (such as “fab5517bw1” – the first black and white printer in FAB room 55-17). Each printer should have a label on it indicating its name.

Web Print comes with these limitations:

  • Limited repertoire of supported file types
  • Prints with whatever defaults that are set for that printer. No mechanism to select settings or modes on the printer.
  • Access permissions to Web Print managed printers are synchronized with their Windows permissions on a periodic basis. If you have just been given access to a printer, it could take a few hours before you have Web Print access to it.
  • Not all MCECS printers are accessible through Web Print.