At this time, we are proceeding to ensure essential IT operations (desktops, computer labs, classwork services). We are holding off on bringing research systems in the data center back online because there isn’t a guarantee that this won’t happen again over the weekend. OIT is doing the same with their HPC systems. Slight power bumps on the PGE feeds are continuing to be registered in FAB/EB as well as across campus.
The root cause of why the newly redesigned control system failed in some obscure ways isn’t known yet. Facilities/Tross will bring in the vendor to look at what happened.
At this time, all our regular computer lab operations (on site and remote) are up. We are slowly working through the offices of people who reported their downed computers and making sure they are turned back on.

Original Message:

We have just gone through a second major power outage affecting FAB/EB. The building was dark for an extended period of time. Power has been restored after some work by Facilities/PREM but they are working on why the generator didn’t switch this time.

We shed substantial load in the data center to accommodate the extended building downtime so some services may be out for a while.
We’ll let you know when Windows desktop services are stable. Then we’ll work on downed computers for remote folks.