FAB/EB experienced a simultaneous outage on both of its power feeds at 1:55am on Friday morning, January 19th. The outage was long enough that it required the FAB generator to come online. The generator was activated by PGE and ran for over 10 minutes. During that time, both buildings experienced a few minutes of complete loss of power while waiting for the generator to spin up

There are bound to be some office computers that didn’t come back up cleanly after power was restored. Depending on how icy things are, we’ll try to have someone on site in the morning to help turn on computers for remote users. 

We have verified that the Windows remote lab, MCAE lab remote, and various linux lab systems seem to be operational.

During the outage, we had to shed some load to combat rapidly rising temperatures in the data center. As a result, users may notice that some servers will be down until the morning. (babbage.cs.pdx.edu is one of them)

People running any critical experiments in research labs will need to check on their systems and appropriately reset them if they were not protected by UPS systems. 

Our thanks to CPSO for sending an officer to check on the building. He communicated with us, contacted Facilities On-call, and worked with City personnel who assisted in getting some critical hvac systems operational after the power outage.