What’s new and other info for MCECS computer users – Fall 2020

Greetings from the Computer Action Team! Fall 2020 is going to be a remotely-accessed experience for most MCECS users. Whether you’re a student, faculty, or staff, you can learn more about your MCECS account by following this link: We have built a resource that catalogs many of the most commonly asked questions we encountered [...]

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Linux Disk Quotas

Each Maseeh College computer account is given file-storage space. The amount of space you’re given is called your "disk quota." Disk quota is determined by the category of your account. Note: Your disk quota in both linux and cs unix are shared. This means that if you have 130MB, that is a combined total of all [...]

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User Profiles

Profiles What is a "profile"? A Windows User Profile contains default desktop settings and any changes that the user chooses to make to those settings. Changes might include wallpaper, colors, desktop shortcuts, many application settings, and user-selected printers. At present, user profiles are stored separately from user files which makes users [...]

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Disk & Profile Quota

Each Maseeh College Windows account is allotted file-storage space. This space is called your "disk quota," and it resides on your N:\ drive. In this space is your "My Documents" folder, and your "Desktop" folder (shortcuts). In addition, there is a separate "Windows Profile" space. In this space your IE & Firefox bookmarks, favorites and [...]

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Local Admin Accounts

Why You Should Avoid Using Your Local Admin Account The battle for identifying malicious software in a timely fashion is becoming a losing battle for the anti-virus/malware software vendors. New threats attack you through your web browser (in the form of compromised websites, even from reputable websites which may be inadvertently displaying an [...]

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Windows Account Password Requirements Keeping your password secret is your assurance that your account and its contents remain secure. Your password for your Windows account is case-insensitive and must adhere to the following requirements: Must be at least eight (8) characters long. May not contain anything that could be directly or indirectly associated with the [...]

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Logging In

Logging In Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the login window. Type your username into the username field. Move to the password field by hitting the tab key or clicking in the box with the mouse pointer. Type your password into the password field. Click "OK" or press the Enter key The first time you [...]

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