Logging In

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the login window.
  2. Type your username into the username field.
  3. Move to the password field by hitting the tab key or clicking in the box with the mouse pointer.
  4. Type your password into the password field.
  5. Click “OK” or press the Enter key

The first time you login the Windows logo screen will come up. You might also see a window for the “tip of the day”. Click on the Close button to make it go away. You’re now logged onto the network.

Having problems logging on?

Check that the caps lock is off, your username is correct, and that your password is correct.

If you have tried to access your account a number of times unsuccessfully, the following will apply:

  • After 20 unsuccessful login attempts your account will be locked out for 30 minutes.
  • If you have made fewer than 20 unsuccessful login attempts, the counter will be reset after 10 minutes. If you have made a few unsuccessful attempts, you might want to stop before getting locked out for 30 minutes.

Note that sometimes Windows will attempt multiple times when to the user only one attempt has been made. A good example is connecting to network resources from a machine not in the domain. Another example is when you’ve configured your Email software to “remember” a password that has since been changed.