Greetings from the Computer Action Team!

Fall 2020 is going to be a remotely-accessed experience for most MCECS users.

Whether you’re a student, faculty, or staff, you can learn more about your MCECS account by following this link:

We have built a resource that catalogs many of the most commonly asked questions we encountered during the switch to remote learning during the Spring. It is designed for newcomers but experienced students may also find it useful. It includes pointers to accounts, campus IT services, remote access tools, remote labs, loaner programs, software downloads, access to on-campus spaces (including computer labs, study areas, and the gym), and lots more.

Note that all MCECS computer labs are remote-access only. If you have any special needs to access a lab, please contact your department.

The CAT website has tutorials, IT news about our systems (including upcoming downtimes), and more information:

User-facing computer systems have all been upgraded to new operating system versions.

  • Linux – Ubuntu 20.04
  • Windows 10 1909

Some commonly used software packages have been upgraded to new versions.

If you have questions or are running into problems, you can contact the Computer Action Team directly. Our help desk is operating remotely.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 503-725-5420 (voicemail monitored by remote help desk)
  • Chat:
  • Zoom/Meet: By arrangement
  • In person: FAB 82-01 (due to current Covid-19 rules, only by arrangement)