Each Maseeh College Windows account is allotted file-storage space.

This space is called your “disk quota,” and it resides on your N:\ drive. In this space is your “My Documents” folder, and your “Desktop” folder (shortcuts). In addition, there is a separate “Windows Profile” space. In this space your IE & Firefox bookmarks, favorites and cookies, e-mail settings, printers, screen Colors, desktop picture, and all application settings (eg. Office settings) are stored. The default quotas for each are:

Disk Quota:   10 GB

Profile Quota:   750 MB

Checking Your Quota Usage

You can check how much space you are using at https://intranet.cecs.pdx.edu (login required), you can also request a details usage report by asking one of the CAT front desk persons.

Exceeding Your Quota
If you exceed either your disk quota or your profile quota, you will be sent an e-mail to your MCECS account. The e-mail will let you know if you have used up your disk quota, or your profile quota. In the case below, the disk quota was approaching the limit.

If you would like a more detailed report of what is making you go over your allotted quota, please e-mail us at support@cat.pdx.edu and ask for a disk usage report.

What to Do When You Are Over Disk (or N: Drive) Quota

If you find that you are over your Disk (or N: Drive) Quota, there are some things that you can do:

  • Remove any old documents that you no longer need. Other options are: save them on a flash drive or archive them on CD. See CD/DVD Burning
  • Compress files that you may need, but rarely use. See zip files in Windows
  • If you still find this to be inadequate storage space, you can request that your storage space be increased. This request, however, will need to come from a faculty member. If you are a student in need of additional space, please contact a faculty member to sponsor you, and have the faculty member email support@cat.pdx.edu with username, how much and when it should expire.

What to Do When You Are Over Profile Quota

Things to do when you are over Profile Quota:

  • Ask for a disk usage report.
  • Are you using Dropbox?  By default this program caches large amounts of data and will fill up any reasonable User Profile Disk Quota provided. If you see a line in your usage report that looks like: “\\THOTH\PROFILE02\USERNAME\APPLICATION DATA\Dropbox,” you should uninstall the Dropbox software and delete the folder.   You can still use Dropbox through its online interface.
  • If you are using Zotero, you can learn to mange Zotero usage on the Profiles page and move the Zotero files following this procedure. More information on Zotero can be found here.
  • Try deleting your browser Cookies. (Note that this will require that you re-authenticate any passwords you may have had saved in your web browser)
  • Perhaps you viewed some online video content that used Move Networks. This folder can contain a very large cache and should be removed.
  • If you have further questions regarding this, e-mail support@cat.pdx.edu or stop by the front desk (FAB 82-01).
  • For more information about Windows Profiles, visit the Profiles page.