EMERGENCY DOWNTIME: 12/1/2023 – 8pm – Windows File Server

We have to reboot the Windows File Server (where N: and Z: drives and user profiles come from) to fix a critical issue that has developed. We plan to do this at 8pm tonight, Friday, December 1st. All CAT supported Windows computers (including those in the remote lab) will be affected since the affected network [...]

2023-12-01T16:11:57-08:00December 1st, 2023|

NETWORK DOWNTIME – 12/16/2023 – noon to 6pm – Outages for wired MCECS networks

On Saturday, December 16th, users of MCECS wired networks (including users of MCECS services delivered from the Data Center) will experience periods of network downtime as we work on replacing and reconfiguring some critical equipment.  The work will begin at noon and could extend to 6pm.  Expect loss of connectivity to FAB wired network jacks [...]

2023-11-28T17:00:25-08:00November 28th, 2023|

Downtime and Outage Announcements

Primary notification of upcoming system or network downtimes, outages, or changes are through e-mail. Depending on circumstances, we will give as much advance notice as possible. The mailing lists for faculty/staff are populated by the departments. The distribution scope for MCECS students typically uses your enrollment status in the current or previous term. The DOWNTIMES [...]

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