If you’re passionate about computers and working with others, come join the CAT!

In addition to being a fully-fledged IT organization, the CAT is also a hub for student learning, collaboration, and discovery. It is run by experts in the field who pass on their knowledge and experience to student volunteers in an apprentice-style training program known as the Braindump.

What’s the Braindump?

Once a year in the beginning of Fall term, the CAT takes in student volunteers from diverse backgrounds and majors to create the next generation of system hackers.

We have our meetings every Friday evening where we meet and teach you a specific topic. It can be anything from advanced skills with Linux and Windows operating systems, networking security, web development, and many more.

Additionally, we have numerous technical teams that you can join to get more in-depth training throughout the week in an area that interests you.

Jumpstart your resume

While participating in the Braindump, you will get real world help desk experience for your resume by assisting us in providing technical support to MCECS students and staff.

As a bonus, you get access to all of our knowledge and equipment so that you can pursue your own curiosity and find your niche.

Expand your professional and social network

Joining the CAT will usher you into a vast and dynamic social network that spans 30 years. It includes your peers in PSU and CAT alumni, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers in the tech industry.

Gain technical skills and social connections that can propel your academic and professional career to new heights.

Where do I sign up?

Your journey in the CAT begins by attending our Orientation, which is on Friday October 9th, 2020 at 6pm via Zoom. You must attend Orientation to be accepted in this year’s group of volunteers.

To sign up for the CAT Orientation, follow these steps:

  1. From a web browser, sign into your PSU email (your_username@pdx.edu).
  2. Fill out this Google Form.

To learn more about the CAT and how to join us, visit our website at: