As a PSU student taking online courses in MCECS, you will be expected to use your Odin and MCECS accounts to access a variety of remote tools. Although the technological requirements of a specific course is determined by the instructor, there are a handful that are commonly used across departments.

What follows is a baseline guide that will teach you how to use these accounts and resources so that remote learning is as seamless as possible.

MCECS Accounts Introduction for Students (video)

Managing Your Accounts

Be aware that as an MCECS student, you will have both an Odin account and MCECS account for accessing various resources.

Getting Tech Support

Technology Loan Program for Students

Access to MCECS Buildings

Students will now be able to once again request EB and FAB building access beginning in Fall 2021. All students will have to request keycard access again, even if they had access before campus closures. Find out more here:

As a reference, the following link has information about the physical location of MCECS, a floor plan of the buildings, and a directory of the computer labs:

PSU Google account and G-Suite Apps

Not only does your Odin login get you an Gmail inbox, but you also have access to all G-Suite apps (such as Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, etc) that are tied to your email. To access these applications, login to your inbox in Gmail and then click on the nine-dot icon in the upper right hand corner.          

Image of upper right corner of PSU Gmail inbox that has a nine-dot icon used to find all other G-Suite apps


Using Multiple Google Accounts

If you already have a Google account, you may have trouble staying logged in to your Google account along with your regular account. This can affect your ability to access class materials in G-Suite apps that require a login.

Some browsers have account separation features that allow different tabs or windows for different accounts.

Another option is to log in with your account in a private-browsing window. The disadvantage of this method is that you will need to re-enter your credentials every time you close the private-browsing windows.

Finding Zoom or Google Meet Links for Classes     

Currently, there is no single standard method for students to get access to their online lectures in Zoom or Google Meet. You will most likely find the link posted on the class’s Canvas page. You may also get a link through your email, the Google Calendar tied to your account, or on your instructor’s personal website.        

When the term is about to begin, be sure to check your email inbox for directions from your class instructor. If you are still unsure where to find the link to your lectures, contact your instructor.

CS Slack Server 

The CS department has a Slack chat server where students can get important news and updates, find help with their CS classes, and connect with other CS students at PSU. Many CS classes will have a specific channel for students, and there are also tutors for certain lower division courses on #cshelp.        

To access the Slack server, use your email and sign up with this link:

CS Tutors 

The CS department offers free tutoring for certain lower division courses. For more information on their services, visit the following link:

To find the tutors, visit their channel #cshelp on the CS Slack server.

Note that this is not the same as the TCSS tutors for CS 162/163/202 classes. Your instructor will give you directions on how to find them.

ECE Tutors

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides free tutoring for 100 and 200-level ECE courses starting the second week of the term (excluding summer). Click on the following link to see their current schedule and find out more.