Watch out for phishing spam

The start of Fall term is phishing season. Avoid falling for attackers who want your login details and other personal data

PSU OIT’s information regarding phishing attacks

Computer Labs

Windows labs are now running Windows 10 version 1709. The Classic Shell start menu has been deprecated. Windows lab software list:

Most Ubuntu Linux-based Labs and multi-user servers are running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic). Users may need to recompile some object files from the previous version (Xenial). A small virtual machine for testing on the old OS revision is available. To access it, ssh to Linux software list:

No change to RedHat Linux systems currently.

Due to class reservations, computer labs are not always available for drop-in users. Check lab schedules:

Kerberos is coming – Ubuntu Linux desktops will soon be moving to Kerberos authentication to enhance network security. This will not be noticeable by most regular users but advanced users may be impacted. Stay tuned to information about workarounds. Remote access servers such as ada, babbage, ruby, and rita will not be affected.

Remote Access

The Windows Terminal Server is a multi-user shared resource and there are a number of limitations placed on resource usage so that the majority of users are not inconvenienced.

Web-based Remote Desktop (RDP) app (Spark View) now available for MCECS users


Microsoft Office available for use on personal devices.

Other software available to various MCECS users (including Microsoft Imagine)

Browser limitations – Java support has been deprecated in most browsers. Flash support still available on IE/Firefox. Chrome support for Flash is unpredictable.

Google File Stream (the replacement for the Google Drive app) available on our supported Windows desktops

For Tier 3 Users

Problems noticed installing PSU’s Microsoft Office on many recently purchased Tier 3 Windows computers (especially laptops)

All new Macs purchased through PSU will be automatically configured for central management by OIT when you start them up. If you want to be independently Tier 3, talk to us about how to avoid this BEFORE you fire up your new Mac for the first time.

Externally accessible Tier 3 systems under tighter scrutiny

Tier 3 users should make sure they have a backup strategy in place for their data.