In the past year, we have found many instances of MCECS faculty/staff having problems trying to install the PSU licensed version of the Microsoft Office suite on their new Tier 3 (self managed) computers. The problem seems to stem from the vendor’s default Windows load (OEM load) on the computer having a trial or starter version of Microsoft Office pre-installed. Attempts to remove the trial version doesn’t seem to succeed, resulting in a “broken” Office install.

After looking at the experiences of many frustrated users, we recommend one of the following options:

Keeping the pre-loaded Windows OS

Communicate with the vendor and work with them to purchase a version of Microsoft Office that is compatible with what they have already set up on the computer (often Microsoft Office 365).

Self-reload your computer with a PSU licensed copy of Windows and Office

You have to do the install (it’s Tier 3 so the CAT doesn’t have a support structure for this), and make sure all the drivers you need are set up. This method enables you to use the PSU licensed version of Microsoft Office. This is for advanced users.

Let OIT load and maintain your computer for you

This is a good solution for laptop users in particular, especially if you are not very comfortable with the technical aspects of managing a computer. OIT will need to assess if they are able to provide a load. The load they provide is a locked-down enterprise environment, tied to your Odin account. You do not have administrative access and your “home directory” is OIT’s “H: drive” delivered over the network. You will need networking (wifi at the minimum) to function. OIT ensures that your system stays updated and patched for security. Support for the system will be provided by OIT.