Faculty/Staff Quick Reference

Popular Intranet Forms:

The IntranetMain entry point for the MCECS Intranet.
Account Request FormFor requesting accounts for non-workflow users such as new faculty/staff, fast-track for grad students, visitors, interns, guests, student workers.
Lab Reservation Request FormFor sending in requests to reserve a computer lab. Make sure that you have checked for collisions.
Mailing List Request FormFor requesting a CAT-supported Mailman mailing list.
Stash Request FormRequest a storage space for your project. Contact the CAT about your needs and storage requirements.
Host Registration FormFor adding a wired computer/device to the MCECS network.

Note: You need faculty/staff access to the Intranet to access many of these forms.

Other Popular Links for Faculty:

Account TypesLearn what types of accounts you can request.
How to Reserve a Computer LabDetails on the computer labs and processes.
Banner AccountsIntro to accounts on PSU's ERP system.
Request Installation of SoftwareGuidelines and process for software install requests.
PrintingDetails on printing environment
Remote AccessPrimer on remote access methods to systems in MCECS.