Intro to MCECS Computing

If you are an Engineering or Computer Science student at PSU, you will need to get an MCECS account before you can use many specialized computing resources for your coursework.

MCECS, which stands for the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, has its own information technology organization to support the systems that serve its students. This support organization is known as the Computer Action Team, or the CAT for short.

What follows is a brief overview of:

  • The computing resources provided by your MCECS account.
  • Instructions for claiming your MCECS account.
  • The differences between your MCECS account and your PSU Odin account.
  • How to get technical support from the CAT.

You can view an abbreviated version of the information supplied below by watching the following video:

MCECS Computing Resources

Your MCECS account is an exclusive passport to a rich assortment of physical and remote computing facilities and resources. Located in the Engineering Building and the Fourth Avenue building, these resources include the following.

Resource Type Description and Links
Computer labs General access computer labs and printers running software tailored to MCECS students.

Remote Labs:

Software on Windows machines:

Software on Linux machines:

Specialized labs Numerous departmental labs with equipment for coursework. Access depends on course enrollment.

  • Microchip development using a Veloce Emulator
  • Circuit design and computer architecture
  • Power, mechanical, and materials engineering
  • Capstone labs
Software package downloads Free software packages for MCECS students to download on their personal computers.

Database accounts MySQL and PostgreSQL database accounts for MCECS students.

Web hosting Web hosting for classes and web application development projects.

Locker rentals On-site personal lockers for renting.

Activating Your MCECS Account

If you have gone through Online Orientation, the CAT will send you an email a few days after completing the process that contains instructions on how to claim your MCECS account.

On the other hand, if you have registered for an MCECS class and wish to claim your MCECS computer account now, visit our account manager – known as CRAM.

If you happen to be on campus, you can have your MCECS account activated by visiting the CAT front desk in person during open hours. The CAT front desk is located in the lower level of the Fourth Avenue building in suite 82.

Your MCECS Account vs. Your Odin Account

As stated before, your MCECS account is separate from your Odin account. Odin accounts are given to all students that enroll at PSU and are used to access central campus services. Here a list of common services at PSU that use your Odin login:

  • Registering for classes with Banweb
  • PSU’s course management systems (such as Canvas)
  • Your portal
  • Services included in your PSU Google account, such as your email
  • Connecting with campus wifi, including in EB and FAB
  • Using computer labs outside of MCECS that are open to all PSU students
  • Your PSU-affiliated Zoom account

Be aware that your Odin account will not give you access to MCECS computing services.

To change or retrieve your Odin credentials, use the Odin Account Manager.

If you have questions or need technical support for your Odin account, you can contact the Office of Information Technology. You can find their contact information with the following link:

Getting Technical Support from the CAT

Here at the CAT, we are dedicated to providing high quality technical support throughout your time in MCECS. To learn more about your MCECS account and all things related to our computing environment, you can visit our website at:

If you require help regarding your MCECS account, or need technical assistance with an MCECS service, contact the CAT:

Means Location
By Email
By Phone 503-725-5420 (5-5420 from inside PSU)
In Person In person in the Fourth Avenue Building lower level, Suite 82 (weekdays 8-6, Saturdays 12-5).

We can also make arrangements to communicate with you online using Zoom or Google Meet.

For more information, visit our Contact Us page on the CAT website:

Wanna be a CAT?

If you’re passionate about computers and working with others, come join the CAT!

In addition to being a fully-fledged IT organization, the CAT is also a hub for student learning, collaboration, and discovery in the field of Information Technology. It is run by experts in the field who pass on their knowledge and experience to student volunteers in an apprentice-style training program.

Gain technical skills and social connections that can propel your academic and professional career to new heights.

To learn more about the CAT and how to become one of us, visit our website at:

We at the Computer Action Team look forward to supporting your success in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science!

Hope to see you soon.