Database Services

The CAT offers PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Any faculty, staff, or student with an MCECS account is eligible for database access. Currently we are running MySQL 5.5.4 and PostgreSQL 9.3.6.

How to get a new PostgreSQL or MySQL account

To get an account, visit the cat office in FAB 82-01 with your student ID and ask for either a PostgreSQL or a MySQL account (or one of each, if you’d like). These two accounts are separate, so be sure to do some research on each type of SQL to find which is best for your needs.

Your username and the name of your database will be your MCECS username, and cannot be changed. However, you will be presented with a new password for logging into your SQL account, which you can change. This password will be DIFFERENT from your normal MCECS password. Also note this if you sign up for both MySQL and PostgreSQL access, these two passwords will be different from each other.

How to access your PostgreSQL and MySQL databases

Click here to learn how to connect to your MySQL database 

Click here to learn how to connect to your PostgreSQL database

Things to remember

  • If you forget your password, come in to the CAT office in FAB 82-01 with photo ID and ask for a MySQL or PostgreSQL password reset.
  • Please use caution if you put your password in any scripts. If you do, make sure your file is as secure as possible. Look into file permissions and the “chmod” command in order to change file permissions.
  • Database backups occur nightly. If you need a restore send an email to Be sure to include your username and what exactly happened. Also include what table you need restored of if you want your whole database restored.