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RDP through an SSH tunnel

If you are trying to use Remote Desktop to log into a remote Windows box, but are unable to successfully connect to the MCECS VPN, you can use SSH tunneling to accomplish the same goal. To set up an SSH tunnel to allow you to RDP to an MCECS Windows box, follow these steps.

Note: These instructions assume that you have a MCECS UNIX/Linux account, know the password for it, and that you have remote access rights to the machine to are attempting to connect to. If you don’t know the password for your account, are not sure that you have one, or are having difficulty connecting to your Windows machine, please contact

If you are trying to connect to you will need to use the VPN:

Connecting to a Remote Host from Windows through PuTTY

The example defaults below should work for most people.

1.  Start PuTTY.

2.  Enter the hostname of a MCECS UNIX/Linux box. In this example, I’ve chosen

Image Showing Using PuTTY to connect to

3.  From the Category list on the left, select Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels.

4.  In the Source port field, enter an unused port number. In this example, I’ve chosen port 6789.

5.  In the Destination field, enter the full name of your computer followed by “:3389“, without the quotes, ex. ““, then press the Add buttonThis will set the tunnel to connect to your machine.

6.  Press Open in PuTTY to connect to the UNIX or Linux machine you specified. Log in using your MCECS UNIX/Linux credentials.

Image Showing PuTTY Submenu to setting up a SSH Tunnel on Port 3389

7.  Leave the PuTTY window open, and run the Remote Desktop Connection client.

8.  Connect to localhost:[port], where [port] is the source port number you chose earlier (6789 in this example).

Image Showing Connecting to Port 3389 on LocalHost

9.  Enter your username as ‘CECS\yourusername’, then enter your MCECS Windows password, then press OK.

Image Showing RDP Login Prompt

Remote Desktop Access to Machines

These instructions assume that you have been provided access to a restricted departmental lab machine or workstation and want to be able to log into it via RDP.  If you need access to an on campus computer you must first ask your faculty adviser (if you are a student or graduate assistant) to submit a Remote Desktop access request to The CAT on your behalf. After being granted access, you can log into that machine remotely as long as no other user is currently logged in.