A series of tutorial-style pages or notes of importance for some Windows software offerings found on our supported systems.

Laptop GuideInformation helpful to Windows laptop users connecting to our network/systems.
Windows and ProjectorsTips on how to get your Windows laptop to see the projector.
Wireless GuideResources for people trying to get their Windows laptop going on PSU Wi-Fi.
Using Fixit to solve Windows Application ProblemsUsing Fixit to solve Windows Application Problems
Find what version of Windows 10 you are runningFind the particular version of Windows 10 you are running. Useful for deciding if you need to perform an update.
Using Software Center to Install/Update PackagesDetails for installing or updating select software packages on a self-service basis on single-user systems.
Installing Python packages under WindowsFor users who are using our CAT supported desktops and wish to add Python packages to the runtime.
VS Code on Windows in MCECSHow to run Visual Studio Code on CAT supported Windows systems
Scanning on WindowsScanning from Windows in our computer labs (on systems with locally attached scanners).
Zip Files in WindowsExtracting ZIP files on CAT supported Windows desktops.
CD/DVD Burning in WindowsBurning CS/DVD media in our computer labs.