As announced in Fall 2021, the following Windows paths will no longer work.

  • the U: drive (for Tier 1 Windows users)
  • the following paths seen from Windows:
    • \\unix\cecs
    • \\unix\ece
    • \\unix\solaris
    • \\unix\linux
    • \\unix\linu
    • \\unix\solu
    • Also, any variant of the above with \\unix replaced with \\

This will affect any old drive maps that use these paths. This will also affect any Mac users who have been using variants of these old paths.

Note: This change does not affect any paths on our CAT supported Linux systems.

Going forward, use these paths:

Where you want to go Use this path instead Notes
Personal externally visible website folder S:\public_html
public_html folder for hosting web pages. 
Old U: drive contents S:\smb_files
A few older user accounts may have unconventional mappings for this location. We will work with those users to provide a path that works in the new scheme.
Top level view of Linux/UNIX home directories and primary folders \\unix\home Currently includes the following folders:
  redhat5 (gone for new users)
  solaris (gone for new users)


Tier 3 users should use the full domain name –  \\unix should be replaced with \\

Why we’re doing this:

Over the last 7-8 years, we have been slowly adjusting the layout of the various Linux user directories for better consolidation and to make security permissions more modular. These changes are needed to more selectively lock down some of the folder permissions.