As the University switches to remote teaching for the duration of Spring 2020, we have made a number of changes to enhance your access to remote computing. Due to the fast moving situation, many of these changes were rushed into production. Based on how our services handle the load, we may be making adjustments as the term progresses.

How to get remote IT Support in MCECS during Spring Term 2020

The CAT front desk is closed this term and it is possible that building access to students may also be curtailed. Learn about contacting us remotely:

Remote Access to MCECS Windows Computer Labs

The primary Windows computer labs are now remotely accessible since the university has switched to exclusive remote teaching for Spring 2020. Learn about remote computer lab access in MCECS:

MCECS Windows Terminal Server ( has been upgraded

The terminal server has been updated to a newer operating system and moved to newer virtual machines. There are some changes which includes the absence of web browsers during this term. Learn more at:

Using OIT’s VLAB (Virtual Lab) for remote access to Windows systems

OIT’s VLAB carries much of the software that is available on their systems in the Millar Library and the FMH building. Learn more about how to make use of it for MCECS classes.

Linux Lab systems will be only be accessible remotely

Since the labs are closed, Linux desktops in those labs will need to be accessed remotely. Users who only need shell (terminal access) access can use an SSH program to login. However, if you need to interact with graphical Linux applications (X windows-based programs), you will need to chose your options.

Chromebook Loan Program for MCECS students

The switch to all-remote teaching for Spring 2020 means that there may be some of you who may not have adequate personal computing resources to participate in classes. Learn about our Chromebook loaner program.

What computer labs are open for use on campus?

If you absolutely need to be on campus to access computing resources, OIT and the Library are keeping two general access labs open during Spring 2020. They are open to all PSU students, using your Odin ID to login. There are printer/scanner devices in these labs. From a computer in these labs, you can access all the remote MCECS services described in this article. For details: