We have upgraded the operating system of ts.cecs.pdx.edu to a more modern version of Windows Server. As before, the resources on the terminal server are still rather limited (moving from old repurposed hardware to two virtual machines). It was designed as an alternative for students who may not have been able to come onsite to use the MCECS computer labs.

During the Covid-19 driven closure of the regular MCECS computer labs, we have made lab computers available for remote use, making them a better choice for remote Windows access for this term. For spring 2020, we strongly recommend you use them instead of the Terminal Server. Visit the remote lab page here:


In order to make the terminal server more hospitable to users with longer running program needs, we will forcibly logout users based on this criteria:

  • Idle for more than 12 hours
  • Disconnected (from their remote login session) for more than 12 hours

As always, please make sure that your processes are not adversely affecting other users on the system.

We have also chosen to not install any web browsers on the terminal server for Spring 2020. We found that one of the major performance problems on the terminal server were web browsers that were left running by users, eating up CPU and memory. We may terminate sessions of users who attempt to install and run their own copies of web browsers on the Terminal Server this term.

We will revisit this decision after the University has returned to normal open hours and we no longer have remote computer lab access.