Mapping a Drive to a Linux Account

You must be logged onto Windows with the same username as your CS/ECE UNIX username. If your usernames are not sychronized, you will not be able to use samba to access your files.

Note: If you are not on a desktop directly in our domain you will need to connect to the VPN first.

  • Click the Start menu -> File Explorer.
  • Click This PC.
  • Click on Computer -> Map Network Drive.
  • In the “Drive” drop-down box, choose the drive-letter you want to use for this particular directory.
  • Type in the full path to the directory into the “Folder” field. We recommend using \\unix\common.
  • If you are not in our domain and are connecting another way such as through the VPN, Click on “Connecting using a different username”.
    Enter CECS\username for the username (inserting your CECS Windows username) then enter your CECS Windows password.
  • Check “Reconnect at logon” if you wish to have this mapping each time you log in.
  • Click on the “Finish” button.

All done! You are now able to access your shared directory by going to the drive-letter you mapped.

The only rule about user-defined drive mappings is that you shouldn’t use any of the drive-letters that are already mapped — such as C:, D:, M: N:, O:, P:, or Z:. If you re-assign one of them, it’s possible that you wouldn’t have access to your home directory (N:) or network applications.

The drive-letter you choose should be a network drive (i.e., the letter should come after the letter “L” in the alphabet).