Recycle Bin behavior on Tier 1/2 Systems

We encourage users to be careful when deleting files.

Due to storage being delivered from a networked file server, the Recycle Bin on CAT supported Tier 1/2 Windows systems works in the following way.

LocationAction on delete
My Documents or DesktopDeleted items go to Recycle Bin.
Any mapped server drive (eg: N: drive, Z: drive)Deleted items are PERMANENTLY removed
Any UNC path to server (eg: \\winhome\Dept, \\stash\projects)Deleted items are PERMANENTLY removed

If you accidentally delete a file or folder, we recommend you use Windows Shadow Copy to restore it from the most recent snapshot. You can learn more about shadow copies, snapshot frequency, and how to recover files at this page:

We also discourage the use of the Recycle Bin as a “reliable temporary storage location”.