How to Copy Your CAT Linux Files Remotely

This is a guide on how to copy the files in your CAT Linux home directory to a personal computer.

Using SFTP

This way is pretty quick and easy, but if you want to connect to the Linux computer with a graphical desktop, go to the next section on using VNC.

Here is our guide on using SFTP from Windows to Linux:

Once you get connected, you can use that program to copy your files from the Linux machine directly to your Windows machine.

If you’re connecting from Linux, make sure that you have the program sftp installed on your machine, as this is how you can remotely transfer files to and from Linux machines.

When you know you have that, you can follow this guide on how to use SFTP here:

Using VNC

This way is a little slower and a bit more complex than SFTP, but it opens a graphical desktop on the Linux computer you are connecting to.

If you are connecting from a Windows machine, follow this guide:

If you are connecting from a Linux machine, follow this guide:

Once you have a connection through VNC, you can open a browser to Google Drive, upload files to that, and then download those to your computer.