Logins to most CAT supported Linux systems are moving to a different underlying authentication system (known as “kerberos”). Here are the potential side effects of that change.

1) Login using password

This is the most common method used for logging in. With a few exceptions, users will not notice any change.

If you are unable to log in with your password, your “kerberos” password may not be synchronized with your original password. Fix this by changing your password. For details, see:


2) Login using SSH keys

If you use SSH keys for login authentication, you should be able to continue using them on the following Linux systems:


On the other hand, Linux systems in computer labs (FAB 55-17 “Intel Lab”, FAB 88-09 “Particle Lab”, FAB 88-10 “Penguin Lab”) may no longer honor SSH key based logins under some conditions. This is because home directories in Linux computer labs will now be encrypted with Kerberos.