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Managing Your Accounts

Resetting your Password

You can reset a forgotten password by either coming to the front desk or using CRAM –

Coming to the front desk will require you to bring a form of photo identification (your PSU access card works) and must be done during normal desk hours<link to front desk hours portion of contact page?>.

Reset passwords can take up to 15 minutes to process, during which time you will not be able to login to any service or machine using your MCECS account. Once you are able to login, we recommend changing your password at your next convenience.

Changing your Password

Your MCECS password can be changed by logging into intranet – Change your password from the Intranet.

You must first login to intranet using your current password, and then provide the current password again in the change password form. Your password must be reasonably complex; the complexity requirements can be accessed from the change password form.

Changing your MCECS password in this way will not affect your ODIN account.