On December 27th, 2018, we switched CAT managed Linux workstations in our major computer labs to use an authentication/encryption system called Kerberos when accessing your files. This change is designed to significantly enhance the security of our file servers as they interact with these workstations.

While most general users of these systems should not notice any changes, some advanced users will need to adjust their workflows to accommodate restrictions that Kerberos authentication brings along with it.

Popular remote login destinations (ada/babbage/linux.cs, quizors, ruby/rita, eve/walle/mo/archive) that reside in the data center are NOT affected by this change.

Labs affected are:

FAB 55-17 – MCECS General Computer Lab (Intel Lab) – Linux Systems
FAB 88-09 – CS Particle Lab
FAB 88-10 – CS Penguin Lab

If you find yourself unable log into these lab systems after the switch to Kerberos, or tend to do the following in the labs:

  • Use SSH keys to login
  • Run Long Running Processes (LRPs)
  • Run multiple parallel processes
  • Run cron jobs

please read through this page: