Starting Fall term, access to the FAB/EB building is by PSU ID Badge only. We have added an online portal for MCECS students to request 24×7 access to FAB/EB and the following computer labs:

  • FAB MCECS General Lab “Intel Lab” – FAB 55-17

  • EB MCECS General Lab “CadLab” – EB 325

  • CS “Particle” Linux Lab – FAB 88-09

  • CS “Penguin” Linux Lab – FAB 88-10

  • ECE Circuits/Tektronix Lab – FAB 60-01

  • ECE Capstone Lab – FAB 60-04

You can get to the services portal, as well as find information about getting a PSU ID badge, and activating your MCECS account, by visiting this page:

You will need to use your MCECS account to log into our services portal.

If you are having problems accessing the services portal or experiencing other issues related to card access, please contact:


  • If you had prior MCECS card access before the pandemic (such as Winter 2020), you will need to request access again.

  • Access to labs not listed here will likely be handled at the departmental level. Please contact your department.

  • Note that proper masks are required when using the labs, as in most other locations in FAB/EB. Food and drink is not allowed in the labs.

  • The card access provided by this portal is in addition to the general building access being provided to all PSU students by the University.